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Posted Article 16 Oct, 2019

Know your correct Birth Sign.

Astrological science is spreading as rapidly amongst the Indian people as the fragrance of freshly made rose water spreads when sprinkled over a place. The odour of rose might subside with time but the popularity of astrological sciences is surely heading in only one direction and that is upwards. The willingness of the experienced astrologers of India to contribute to the knowledge coupled with the fast developing interest of the common people in occult science is creating such a scenario where-in the younger generation as well as the middle aged ones are seen joining hands to revive this field of science, which once upon a time was the domain of our country India.


Jyotish-Manthan, I must say has carved its own niche and is leading to rekindle the general interest in astrology. There are not many who are in real pursuit of excellence in this field. It is not easy to sideline the commercial aspects especially when a segment of market displays a gap between the demand & supply. Yes, you got it right. I am talking of the demand & supply gap in the astrological field. It is simple. The people seeking answers to their queries are many-many times more than the people who can really do astrologically analysis correctly and can give flawless replies exhibiting simultaneously the capability of convincing people into taking up remedial measures in true perspective.


More than two-third of the population are keen to know about their future and they do not loose any time if they can find an astrologer willing to read their charts or hands or their signature or may be just face-read them. I call them ‘Active followers’ of astrology. The remaining one-third, according to me, are also interested in some way or the other but prefer to remain tight lipped about it as most of them unfortunately carry a wrong notion of they might be labeled as ‘weak people’, if they aspire to learn astrology. These are according to me ‘Passive followers’ of astrology.


Form an overall perspective we have a good majority of people who keep interest in Astrology, some believing more in Palmistry, some in Numerology, some in getting analyzed through a proper horoscope. The popularity of Astrological science is escalating fast. The acceptance in public has become so great that the readership growth of several newspapers & magazines have started depending upon the space they provide for the astrological readings. It will not matter if the viewpoint of a journal is different, it also does not matter if the cause of the periodical is not be of any relevance to astrology subject, but if it prints astrological forecasts, it gets larger readership.  No newspaper or periodical is considered to be complete if it does not have such a column.

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