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Parshna Shastra Article Posted On : 07-12-2012


By: Dr. Tripti, M. A., Ph. D.,
Jyotish Visharad, Research Scholar,
ICAS, Delhi.

Sahams are part of Tajik Shastra which has concentrated its focus more on annual horoscopy. But it is clearly mentioned in ‘Tajik Neelkanth’ that for general prediction and analysis of a Natal horoscope as well as a ‘Query’ chart also, these `Sahams’ must be applied because prediction rules and tools are almost same for every chart.
On these guidelines, I have tried to postmortem few Prashna Charts related to different subjects. I calculated relevant Sahams for each chart an applied them to see that whether they can be relief upon or not as an effective tool of prediction. I found them surprisingly applicable to each and every chart I experimented with.
I have picked up six queries regarding ‘Pregnancy’, ‘Profession’ and ‘Missing Persons’. Here I am presenting these horoscopes and findings.

This is case of a young body who suddenly disappeared on 18th September 2000. His father tried a lot to get at least some information about him but till date there is no news. When all efforts to search him failed, one of his relatives asked this question on 6th February 2001.
  • Prashna : Missing Person - 06.02.2001; 21.08 hrs, Delhi
In this Prashna chart the only hope seems to be the presence of exalted Venus in 7th house and its aspect on Lagna. 7th lord Jupiter is also aspecting Lagna, but this Jupiter is in malefic influence, being conjunct with 6th lord Saturn and aspected by 8th lord Mars. Another positive factor is that there is no malefic aspect on Lagna.
But here I am not discussing the other yogas regarding a missing person Prashna; instead I just want to draw your attention on few ‘Sahams’, which I have tried to apply here. Out of 50 ‘Sahams’, I have taken here only five, which I feel could give some clue about this query :
1. Karya Siddhi, 2. Bandhan; 3 Mrityu, 4. Shatru or 5. Punya
Here Mrityu and Punya Saham are together in 6th house with retrograde Lagna Lord Mercury. They are collectively aspected by its lord Saturn and 8th lord Mars. Moreover, Mrityu Saham is also on the exact degree of 6th house cusp. All this is increasing the malefic effects of 6th house which represents hurdles, enemies, disease and accidents. Finally the Mrityu Saham and the Lagna lord Mercury, both are placed in the nakshatra of 8th lord Mars. This Mars itself is closely aspected by the 6th lord Saturn. The Mrityu Saham is also in close Itthishala with the Shatru Saham situated in the 8th house.
Now let us shift out focus to Bandhan Saham placed in the 3rd house with 3rd & 8th lord Mars. Notice the close degrees of Lagna lord Mercury and the Bandhan Saham. Both are at 6 degrees and both are afflicted by Saturn & Mars. The Bandhan Sham is in the nakshatra of Saturn. According to Classical yogas, Saturn placed in the 9th house in a malefic sign and aspected by a malefic planet indicates captivity or disease. Though, here Saturn is not in a malefic sign or association, but is closely aspected by Mars. This Saturn is also in a very close Itthishala with Moon. The Moon is also in a close Itthishala with Mars. Does all this indicate Bandhan of any kind?
Lastly, see the Karya Siddhi Saham. It is exactly conjunct with 6th lord Saturn and aspected by 8th lord Mars. Now it is anybody’s gues that this Prashna can not give Karya Siddhi.

Next I take a query regarding pregnancy. In this type of query, Prasuti, Putra and Karya Siddhi Saham should give some important clue. Unfortunately, in this chart Karya Siddhi Saham is situated on 6th house cusp. It is also in Poorna Itthishala with Mars which is though yogakarak, but placed in the 8th house. Karya Siddhi Saham is also in the nakshatra of 12th lord Moon. Incidently, both are on same degress. Saham lord Saturn is also in Poorna Itthishala with 5th lord Jupiter which is 8th lord also and retrograde.
  • Prashna : Miscarriage - 30.04.1994; 14.30 hrs, Delhi
Now take Prasuti Saham, which is on the cusp of 7th house with 6th & 7th lord Saturn. Prasuti Saham is also in Poorna Itthishala with 12 lord Moon. Note the degrees of Lagna, Moon, Mars, Prasuti and Karya Siddhi sahams. All are at 18 degrees.
Next take Putra Saham. It is placed in the 11th house and is in Poorna Itthishala with Saturn. Retrograde Jupiter, Sun and fully combust Mercury. Putra Saham is also aspected by 12th lord Moon which is already very badly afflicted because of its Poorna Itthishala with Mars.
Mars in the 8th house forms yoga for miscarriage. In this chart, all the three Sahams clearly indicate loss of pregnancy, which was later confirmed.

This query is regarding profession. This person was facing problems at his work place and wanted to know that whether he would be able to retain his present job. I tested the applicability of Karya Siddhi and Karma Sahams on this chart.
  • Prashna : Profession – 21.10.2001; 18.10 hrs, Delhi
Here Karya Siddhi Saham is in the 9th house along with 4th lord Moon, which is closely conjunct with Ketu. Karya Siddhi Sahan is itself in the nakshatra of Ketu. Though Sahamesh Jupiter is also aspecting it, but Jupiter is itself afflicted by Rahu and is in Itthishala with retrograde 3rd and 6th lord Mercury. Mercury is already in Itthishala with another retrograde planet, the 10th lord Saturn.
Now let us see the Karma Saham. It is placed in 10th house in close conjunction with Lagna and 8th lord Mars, which is also exalted here. Karma Saham is in the nakshatra of Sun, which is debilitated and simultaneously getting afflicted by participating in Itthishala with Rahu and Ketu. Sun is also the Karaka of authority or bosses and in this case, this person was not in the good book of his bosses and they actually wanted to get rid of him. Sahamesh Saturn is retrograde and is in Ithishala with another retrograde planet, the 6th lord Mercury.
All there factors give an indication that things at the present work place are not comfortable. But Karya SIddhi Saham is aspected by its lord and is placed in the strongest Trine, and on the other hand the Karma Saham is with the exalted and Digbali Lagna Lord Mars. It suggest that this person may overcome difficulties, perhaps by change in the work place as 8th and 12th lords are also involved indicating the change. Though at the time, Sahams were not considered, but the change in work place was predicted.
This person was forced to resign on 20th November 2001.

Next example is of a query related to the outcome of an Interview for job. Though as Shri P.S. Shastri has underlined, this query need not to be replied because it is in the last degrees of a sign. Now if we ignore this rule for a moment and apply related Sahams, we get clear results that this query is not showing success.
  • Prashna : Interview – 23.01.2000; 00.00 hrs, Delhi
Here both Karya Siddhi and Karma Sahams are occupying 8th and 12th houses indicating unfavourable results. Karya Siddhi Saham is on exact conjunction with debilitated 6th lord Saturn in the 8th house. Sahamesh Mars is in the 6th house which is also invoved in the exchange with the Saturn.
Karma Saham is in 12th house and is in ‘Poorna Itthishala’ with 8th lord Mars. Sahamesh Sun is also afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis.
So, both the Sahams are not showing any favourable result. This person could not get through the interview.
This study shows that Sahams could be successfully applied on a Prashna chart. One can achieve more accuracy in predictions by using Sahams as an additional predictive tool.

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