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Mahendra Singh Dhoni Posted On : 01-01-2017

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the luckiest players who is scored stormy success in Indian cricket. He is not amongst the best batsman nor he is amongst the best bowlers nor he is not the best wicketkeepers, yet he established himself in the world cricket scenery and is being recognized as amongst the best captains. His horoscope is very powerful and reveals that inspite of ups and downs he will remain as an important figure in world cricket for quite a number of years.
He is competent in spinning money from advertisements and as model activities. He has earned money more then his wickets or runs. Due to his able captaincy people do not remember Saurav Ganguly too much. There is lot of discussion as to who has been the best captain in India. No doubt money flow into cricket was not less during the time of Saurav Ganguly as skipper of India but after Saurav Ganguli money is playing a great role in cricket and is working as a great motivational point for budding cricketers. Lawn tennis and Boxing lack behind cricket today in India yet internationally football, lawn tennis and boxing gives too much money to the ranking players.
    Astrological Analysis
    His ascendant is Vigo, moon sign Virgo and constellation is Uttara Phalguni. Moon, Jupiter, Saturn combination in his ascendant and Sun, Mercury in his 10th house makes him very important. Mars in 9th house aspecting 3rd and 5th house are very significant as shadbal strength is 1.48 capable of making a person very famous. His Sun is strongest planet in his horoscope enabling him world famous being lord of the 12th house in conjunction with Mercury, lord of ascendant and 10th house. House of profit has 9th lord Venus alongwith Rahu explaining about income from manipulations and electronics media. His Moon and Jupiter, Saturn are very close to each other making Gajkesari Yog while Sun making Budhaditya Yog is being surrounded by Mars, Venus and Rahu from both the sides. In all five major planets in quadrants and two playing in trine is self explanatory or an important personality. Subsequent placement of important planets after Mars i.e. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Rahu gives his energy, vigor, fame and cool temperament. Sun and Mercury in 10th house is boon for him while Gajkesari Yog in lagna is an edit boon and declares that he will remain important in the cricket scenery for quite a long year.
    Personal Life
    Mars in Taurus and Venus in Cancer make him popular amongst the women. In navansha kundali too his Venus is in Scorpio and Mars-Venus combination in Virgo explained about the availability of beautiful women in his life. He will remain star attraction for couple of years but no one stay long with him.
    He will be very much successful during Rahu major period and Venus sub period during June 2014 to June 2017. He will set all records of income in the Indian Cricket. This also explains about his continuous success. He is likely to remain star attraction during 2014 to 17. In this period he will appear on silver screen also this or that way.
    He will play lot of cricket upto to the time he completes his major period of Rahu. Some time in the middle of 2020 after May 2020 he will under go the influence of major period of Jupiter for next 16 years. During this period he will have a lot of landed assets and will be running successful cricket academy and will be famous for grooming young cricketers. He will be given a high status by the government during 2023 to 2025. This is the period when his children will enter in the sports in a big way. 2025 to 2027 are again wonderful for him and he will be recognize on the national scenery as a great skipper, coordinator, trainer will be involved in number of activities.

  Other Celebrity
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