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Astrology Books 21 Aug, 2019

Shell from Astrological Ocean

The compiler (Author) has rightly named the title “SHELL FROM ASTROLOGICAL OCEAN”, which means Astrology is a big ocean and none could claim to have mastered it. This book contains as much as 28 different topics. The most attractive are Karma Theory, Marriage and married life, Rahu & Ketu, Puthra Bhava and planets influencing Mars to Mars the Matrimonial bliss (reminding and refuting the feelings that Mars alone could confer the matrimonial bliss). The compiler did not step down an inch from fundamentals of Astrology, as lot of illustrations with horoscopes and classical text versions are provided with proofs. this book is very informative for researchers and also for students interested in learning Astrology in different dimensions. The compiler clearly admits that the contents of the book are not his own or thumb rules, but they are from classical texts, Modern texts and observatory results in counseling and outcome of interactions with eminent scholars and students as well. It is a worthy book with lot of technical points without decorations in words. Choice is yours to have it and enrich and enjoy. This book is available from the compiler Ln. V. Narayanan, 7, Ramakrishnapuram, II floor, Villivakkam, Chennai 600 049.


Review by Bholanath Shukla

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Shell from Astrological Ocean
Pages : 180
Price : 205
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