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Astrology Books 21 Aug, 2019

Jyotish Bodh

Jyotish Bodh is authored by Pt. Jagdish Tiwari, Course Director, Jaipur Chapter. This book explains in detail Hora, Samhita and Mathematics. Casting horoscope and divisional charts is explained in this book. Vimshontari, Ashtotari and Yogini Dashas are explained in elaborate manner. Moreover it covers other aspects of Parashara astrology. This makes this book very helpful for the students of Astrolgoy.

Book : Jyotish Bodh
Author : Pt. Jagdish Tiwari (Course Director, Jaipur Chapter)
Price : Rs. 250/- (Including postal charges in India only)

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Jyotish Bodh
Pages : 368
Price : 275
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