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Astrology Books 21 Aug, 2019

Vastu Vidya

We may find the scattered references of Vastu in all the ancient treatise of India. The first prayer for Vastu Purush is available in Rig Veda. Apart from this, Atharva Veda, Vastu Sutra Upnishada, at least 8 Purans, Vrihat Samhita a sixth century text, Mayamatam, Maansaar, Samrangan Sutradhar written by king Bhoj in 11th century, Vasturaj Vallabh, Vastu Ratnakar and a few more have ample research work on the subject.
In this book you will find a rare blending of all these text with simplest representation. The author has an experience of not less than forty years of implementing the Vedic rules on erecting new structures as well as correcting old defective structures. At his credit there are thousands of cases who improved their life and became prosperous.
In this book stress has been laid down on muhurta, the wonderful aspect of Indian Astrology which envisages about the auspicious starting time of an event.
The best of this book is that a house, temple, industry or a town could be made auspicious on the basis of text rules and experience of the author given this book.
The author is associated with ICAS for the past years and is now serving as National Vice President.

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Pages : 410
Price : 90
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